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Aftercare in the UK and France Dedicated Team of Patient Care Coordinators Up to 5 Years Guarantee on Dental Treatments

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Medical Tours Company is one of the pioneers of dental tourism in Romania with an experience of more than 14 years, offering patients a wide range of dental services in a dedicated international environment. The clinic has a large customer-care network, providing assistance in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish. Meeting all international standards in dentistry, their two professional facilities from Pitesti make available to the patients a team of around 50 in-house experts and co-workers. A unique asset is the capacity of the clinic to ensure after-care services in UK and France. In Liverpool, Dr. Razvan Savu, the manager of the clinic, dedicates 4 to 5 days per month performing dental check-ups to the patients already treated in Romania, thus facilitating optimal follow-up of the intervention. The same follow-up procedure is also possible in France, thanks to the clinic’s close collaboration with French specialists working alternatively in Romania. The clinic’s vision involves a vivid passion for technological research and achievement, translating into their actual usage of innovative technological equipment, including digital dentistry, CAD/CAM or Digital Smiles Design. This places the clinic among the top clinics providing dental tourism world-wide. The solid accreditations of the company ensure the patients’ safety, as well as the quality of the services offered and of the materials used. The clinic is highly recommended by their patients and constantly endorsed by world-famous figures. Gary Millar, the ex-lord mayor of Liverpool is one of the first patients from UK who honoured the clinic with his presence. He gave excellent credit to Medical Tours for combining an amazingly short intervention time with a high degree of professionalism. Dave Evans, the first vocalist from AC/DC is also a powerful endorser of the clinic. He was able to do a complete smile makeover, in between his concerts from Romania in 2018. Last, but not least, Chris Barrow, one of the most famous people from the UK dentistry field, made an assessment of the way in which dental tourism is implemented with Medical Tours Company and highly validated their quality management, from welcoming patients, up to the doctors’ proficiency and top-quality standards. Medical Tours is located in Pitesti, 120 km from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The clinic’s driver will be at the patient’s disposal for transportation from and to the airport. The dental tourism team ensures support for booking the hotel, air ticket, and a car rental during the stay.


Restorative Dentistry

Implants are made of biocompatible titanium materials that fuse directly with your bone.

Kontact Biotech Dental Implant with abutment

We offer a 5 year guarantee on dental implants

It’s now possible to remove damage teeth, place implants and restore a full arch on the very same day.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Upper + Lower Jaw with fixed overdenture

Fixed teeth for both the upper and lower jaw.

• The perfect solution for patients in need both for full lower and upper jaw implants

•4 implants inserted in the Upper Jaw

•2 Implants in the Lower Jaw

• Everything included: 6 implants, 2 total dentures (one/jaw), 6 healing caps + the final work

Kontact Biotech Lower/Upper Jaw (6 implants) with Temporary Work and Acrylic Fused to Metal Final Denture

The price is for a single jaw.

We use 6 dental implants on lower and upper jaw for more stability.

Kontact Biotech Lower/Upper Jaw (6 implants) with Temporary Work and Porcelain Fused to Metal Final Denture/Bridge

The price is for a single jaw.

We use 6 dental implants on lower and upper jaw for more stability.

Kontact Biotech Lower/Upper Jaw (6 implants) with Temporary Work and Porcelain/Zirconium Final Denture/Bridge

The price is for a single jaw.

We use 6 dental implants on lower and upper jaw for more stability.

When you lose a tooth in the upper jaw, the lining of the nasal sinuses has a tendency to collapse into that space

Sinus Lift ( Bone graft + Membrane )

If you’ve been missing your teeth for a long time, it’s possible that the anatomical structures (bone) have begun to “shrink” (resorb) away from that area, making it difficult or even impossible to place an implant there.

Autogenous bone graft

Bone obtained from the same individual receiving the graft

Alloplastic bone graft

Made from a naturally occurring mineral that is also the main mineral component of bone

Cosmetic Dentistry

Full Mouth Cleaning

When you need to erase the signs of age or staining from your smile, teeth whitening is a perfect solution

Teeth Whitening

Dental crowns are restorations that fully cover your tooth up to the gumlines.

Porcelain fused to metal Crown

Porcelain Crown on zirconia support

E-max Crown

Temporary crown on dental implant

Porcelain fused to zirconia crown on dental implant

Porcelain fused to metal crown on dental implant

Each of the thin shells of porcelain or tooth colored composite are bonded over the front of your teeth to recreate what they look like when you smile, laugh, or talk to other people

Porcelain veneers

Composite veneers

General Dentistry

Dental CT Scan

Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray

Wisdom tooth extraction

Included wisdom tooth extraction

A root canal (also known as endodontic therapy) is a procedure that’s used to save and restore badly damaged teeth

Bioceramic Root Canal Treatment

Dentures are a straightforward solution to replacing missing teeth, especially for people who are missing all or most of them

Acrylic denture

The price is per arch

Skeletal denture

Acrylic Denture 1-3 elements

Acrylic Denture 4-5 elements

Acrylic Denture 6-8 elements

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58 Smeurei Street 5th Floor, Pitesti

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