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Here you can find detailed information about dental procedures in performed in Romania. You will find the most popular procedures on our platform, from dental crowns to full mouth dental implants in Romania. All the procedures are carried out by highly certified specialists at internationally renowned clinics. What’s more, the implantologists in our network use leading dental implant brands. With the help of our online platform, you will be able to send enquiries directly to each clinic that meets your requirements, receive treatment plans, while saving up to 70 % on your dental treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants Procedure
Dental Implants

Implants are made of biocompatible titanium materials that fuse directly with your bone.

Dental Implants Procedure
Full Mouth Dental Implants

It’s now possible to remove damage teeth, place implants and restore a full arch on the very same day.

Dental Implants Procedure
Dental Bridge

Just like the name suggests, dental bridges “bridge” between one tooth to the next, filling in gaps caused by missing or extracted teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure
Sinus Lift

When you lose a tooth in the upper jaw, the lining of the nasal sinuses has a tendency to collapse into that space

Dental Implants Procedure
Bone Graft

If you’ve been missing your teeth for a long time, it’s possible that the anatomical structures (bone) have begun to “shrink” (resorb) away from that area, making it difficult or even impossible to place an implant there.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants Procedure
Teeth Whitening

When you need to erase the signs of age or staining from your smile, teeth whitening is a perfect solution

Dental Implants Procedure
Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are restorations that fully cover your tooth up to the gumlines.

Dental Implants Procedure

Straightening your bite makes it easier to care for, clean, and reduces tension on your jaws and facial muscles.

Dental Implants Procedure

Each of the thin shells of porcelain or tooth colored composite are bonded over the front of your teeth to recreate what they look like when you smile, laugh, or talk to other people

General Dentistry

Dental Implants Procedure
Root Canal

A root canal (also known as endodontic therapy) is a procedure that’s used to save and restore badly damaged teeth

Dental Implants Procedure

Dentures are a straightforward solution to replacing missing teeth, especially for people who are missing all or most of them

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