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The Greatest Network of Romanian Dental Clinics is the single online platform where you can meet the greatest Romanian dental clinics, designed with the sole purpose of solving your dental problems while helping you feel like home. We can confidently call ourselves "The Centre of Excellence of Dental Tourism in Romania". First of all, we work only with the best clinics, that also have a solid background in dental tourism. We also pride ourselves on our client-oriented approach

You’ll find guidance and support throughout the process of finding the right clinic, making a treatment plan, carrying out the trip and finding accommodation in Bucharest. You’ll be able to solve your dental health issues and also enjoy an unforgettable dental vacation.

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Romania?

Years of Experience in Dental Tourism

We only collaborate with clinics with years of solid background in dental tourism.

High-Quality Standards

You will find high-level customer orientation, highly-trained personnel and internationally renowned accreditations.

Up to 70% Less Costs

Tens of thousands of foreigners treat their smile at up to 70% less costs in Romania every year.

State-of-art Technology

The advanced technology, together with their quality management systems place Romanian dental clinics on the map of dental tourism.

Who Are We?

You smile, we smile! Dental tourism in Romania- free customer support from best Romanian dentists.

Our mission is to support you in choosing from the most reputable, highly certified and dental tourism experienced Romanian dental clinics. We are committed to guiding and accompanying you in achieving the perfect smile, while saving up to 70% on costs. You smile, we smile.

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Interconnected world with affordable dental services. Dental tourism in Romania.

We believe in an interconnected world where everyone shall have access to affordable quality dentistry.

One-day Tour Exploring The Secret Story Of Dracula during your dental holiday in Romania.

Whether you wish for a 5-days trip throughout Transylvania, or you need a simple hotel booking, our team is always ready to assist you. Through our free support and travel services, we make sure you feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your trip to Romania.

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We set ourselves high standards and the dental clinics we work with have a tradition in upholding a professional work ethic. We collaborate with only top professionals.


We are open and give you full access to all the information you need. At the same time, we maintain discretion and protect your personal and medical data.


We are committed to finding the best solutions for you and making you feel like home. The dentists on our website are dedicated to their profession and patients.

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