Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Tourism in Romania

Do you want to know how we can help you? Do you want to know who will be carrying out your treatment and what qualifications does a dental clinic abroad have?  Are you worried about going into a foreign country and not knowing what to expect? Would you like to know more about dental travel? We provide you with answers to these questions and any other questions that you may have. Feel free to ask and let us clear all doubts in order to help you have a great experience.
How can you help me?

Our role is to make you feel like home and provide you with some of the most reputable and highly certified Romanian dental clinics with experience in dental tourism. Through our completely free online platform, you can compare prices, request quotes, receive treatment plans and communicate with dentists via our messaging platform. Our support team is available on a daily basis for any assistance that you may need. Our travel partners will book, at your request, accommodation, flights, tours, guides, interpreters, or translators. Moreover, you can choose the services of our patient care facilitator, that can accompany you in-person through all your journey.

Why do I have to create an account in order to request a quote?

By creating an account, you will easily have access to and keep track of your requests and messages or offers from clinics. You can also upload relevant files such as dental X-rays and receive treatment plans from the dental clinics. An account also sends you live notifications via email whenever a clinic gets back to you with a message. With an account you may contact all the dental providers matching your enquiries with the help of a single general quote. All of these is securely managed, with no risk that your data will be exposed to parties other than the selected ones.

What is a general quote? What about a specific quote?

By placing a general quote, you agree to send the same request to all the clinics matching your search filters. However, after the request has been sent, you will communicate with each clinic independently. On the other hand, a specific quote is addressed only to the single clinic which you have chosen. You can request an unlimited number of quotes from any clinic listed on the platform.

Why should I not contact the clinics independently?

A more in-depth view of your requests and clinics’ answers will help you organise better and take the best decision. All the selected clinics’ contact data will be made available to you as soon as they take over your case. Moreover, not only is our platform free of charge, but you can also benefit from our “best price guarantee”, from exclusive promotions, from free customer support, from our free of charge local help in case of emergencies and, of course, from any other help or assistance that you may need from our specialists. Everything is free of charge to you.

How do we decide which clinics will be listed on the website?

Every dental clinic listed on our platform is pre-screened and thoroughly verified. International languages speaking staff and quality dentistry standards are the first criteria for our selection. However, we look beyond these. We only collaborate with dental clinics which boast:

  1. Positive background in dental tourism
  2. Quality management system implemented
  3. High-level customer orientation
  4. Experienced dental staff and advanced technology

Our efforts focus on offering the highest quality in terms of dentistry and customer satisfaction, along with affordable prices.

How do you protect my personal and medical data?

We are authorised to work with personal data. Your data are securely stored and encrypted on Amazon AWS servers, without any exposure risk. Only the clinics which you have previously given your consent to will have access to your medical data.

What happens to my account after I delete it?

You can erase your account at any time. Once your account has been deleted, all your personal and medical data will be permanently erased. Your requests, messages and attachments will permanently be made unavailable and the dental clinics not will have the possibility to reply to you anymore. If you decide to create another account with the same email address, none of this information will be recovered.

What if I decide to close a quote request?

A quote request can be closed at any time. What happens next? If no clinic has accepted your quote by the moment you close it, the quote will not be available anymore and cannot be read or accepted by any clinic. If you have already started communication with one or more clinics and you decide to close the quote request, none of the clinics will have the possibility to reply to your enquiry, nor to see your messages or files. Remember: a closed quote cannot be re-opened. You can always choose to initiate another quote request for free.

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