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This Privacy Policy (referred to herein as the "Privacy Policy” or the "Policy") is entered into by and between Dentrips SRL (the “Company”), and you as user of (the “Website”) and potential client of the medical clinics in our portfolio. The medical clinics the user enters in contact with, using the Website will have access to the information provided by the user.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by the Company other than through the Website.

This Privacy Policy is intended to meet the laws and requirements of Romania, which take into consideration the EU Regulations.

The Company, based on the EU and Romanian law, is not required to have a data protection officer (DPO), so that’s why is not mentioned in this Policy. All the request in this domain can be addressed at [email protected]

1. Websites covered by the Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies to this Website exclusively. This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites maintained by other companies or organizations to which we may link.

When you click on a link displayed on the Website, you may be entering another website for which this Privacy Policy does not apply. You may not be specifically informed of this fact, although in most cases a new browser window will be opened when a hyperlink is redirecting you to another website which is outside our operation and control.

You should carefully review the privacy statements or policies of any other websites that you visit or interact with since those privacy statements or policies will apply to you when interacting with or using that specific website.

2. Age requirements

Our Website is not intended for children under 18 years. No one under age 18 may provide any personal information on our Website, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 18. If you are under age 18, do not provide any information on this Website. If we learn that we have collected or received personal information from a child under age 18 without parental consent, we will delete the respective information.The same provisions apply for users where, in the countries from where they are operating the Website, a minor is considered a person older than 18 years, up till the age stipulated by that respective country.

3. Collection of personal data

Generally speaking, there are three categories of information we collect: 1) information regarding the identification data of the users; 2) information regarding the medical data of the users; and 3) data collected through cookies.

By providing us with information using the Website, you give your express consent for us to use it in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time, as detailed at section 8 below.

The first category includes registration information, including your name, country of residence, email address and telephone number. The information in the first category is information you provide to us in order to register into the Website. This category includes also information such as address, VAT code or company name, whitc enable us to generate invoices on your behalf for the following services: tourism services in Romania, transportation, translators or interpreters, if case may be. This information is collected for accountancy purposes and also in order to be transferred by the Website to the clinics when the user chooses to make contact with the clinics using the options of the Website. This information is also transferred to the companies we have contract regarding turism services.The second category and refers toradiograms, laboratory reports for medical purposes, medical opinions and personal health information. The information in the second category is only stored in a crypted format by us and is only viewed by the clinics with which the user made contact using the options of the Website.

The medical information you provide us with will be collected with the sole purpose of transferring it exclusively to the clinics selected by you. None of our staff or collaborators will have access to your medical files or medical information, except the dental clinics for which you express your intention and consent to share the data with. The transfer of the medical information to the clinics is done by the user, by Integrated Messanger of the Website.

Acceptance of our Privacy Policy does not mean you have granted us permission to access or use the medical information you provide us with, but it means you gave the permission for the clinic the user establishes a contact to have access to the medical information and use them..

The third category contains details on your conduct when visiting the website - data collected through cookies (for further details on our cookies relate policy, please refer to section 5 below). This data is transferred to all the clinics interested in the general activity of the users on the siteand the activity of the user regarding a specific clinic..

We will only use the information for the purpose we described and you will always have the ability to change your mind and revoke that permission.

We may disclose personal information that we collect from you as described in this Privacy Policy:

  • To the clinics and to the tourism services’ provider who are also bound by contractual obligations to keep personal information confidential and use it only in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purposes for which it is authorized under this Privacy Policy.
  • We contractually require these third parties to keep personal information confidential and use it only for the purposes for which it is authorized under this Privacy Policy.
  • To fulfill the purpose for which you provide it.
  • To comply with any court order, law or legal process, including to respond to any government or regulatory request.
  • To enforce or apply our Terms & Conditions;
  • o allow a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets;

4. Safeguards to protect your personal information

The Company maintains reasonable safeguards in an effort to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the personal information we collect. Personal information collected by the Company is stored in secure operating environments not available to the public. Access to that information is limited to employees who need the information to provide you with our services only in regards to the first and third of the above-mentioned category of data. The second category of data is not accessible even to the Company.


How Do We Secure Sent Information?

Communication between your computer and our server, when we collect your personal information, is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. In addition, our databases are protected from access by third parties. The Company keeps a register of persons authorized to process them.

All the data is encrypted through a third-party provider, Amazon AWS, and is stored in an encrypted form on their servers in the EU. Read more about AWS terms of service. (


5. Information about cookies, other technologies and third-party data collection

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, mobile phone, or other device when you visit a website. The cookie will help website providers to recognise your device the next time you visit their website.

There is no way for a cookie to view or store any information from your hard drive, capture your email address, or pass on a computer virus. We use both session cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your device for a set period of time or until you delete them). We use the following types of cookies as explained below:

Performance/Analytics: We use these cookies to analyse how the Website is accessed, is used, or is performing. We use this information to maintain, operate, and improve the Website and to be disclosed to the clinics as general usage information.

Functional: These cookies let us operate certain functions of the Website in line with the choices you make. These cookies mean that when you continue to use or come back to the Website, we can provide you with our services as you have asked for them to be provided before, such as knowing your username and remembering your user preferences.

Targeting/advertising: We use these cookies to serve you with advertisements that may be relevant to you and your interests. The information may also be used for frequency capping purposes (e.g., to ensure we do not display the same advertisement to you repeatedly) and to help us regulate the advertisements you receive and measure their effectiveness.

We use cookies for the following specific purposes:

  • To store and remember your user preferences;
  • To gather performance and usage data;
  • For demographics and interest analysis and reporting;
  • For targeted marketing activities.
  • To be transmitted to the clinics in order for them to determine your activity on the Website related to them and the general activity of the users on the Website and the general performance of the Website.

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You can disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent. If you do disable our cookies you may find that certain sections of our website will not function properly. Similarly, some other web pages may not work correctly if you have cookies disabled.

6. How to enable and disable cookies using your browser

Google Chrome

  • Click on the ‘wrench’ icon on the browser (usually found top-right corner) to open the tools menu
  • From the tools menu select ‘Options’
  • Click the ‘Under the Hood’ tab from the menu on the left.
  • In the ‘Privacy’ section, select the ‘Content settings’ button
  • To enable cookies: select ‘Allow local data to be set’ option
  • To disable cookies: select ‘Block all cookies’ option

For more information on other cookie settings offered in Chrome, refer to the following page from Google:


Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select 'Internet Options'
  • In the options window navigate to the 'Privacy' tab
  • To enable cookies: Set the slider to ‘Medium’ or below
  • To disable cookies: Move the slider to the top to block all cookies

For more information on other cookie settings offered in Internet Explorer, refer to the following page from Microsoft:


Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on 'Tools' at the browser menu and select ‘Options’
  • Select the Privacy panel
  • To enable cookies: Check ‘Accept cookies for sites’
  • To disable cookies: Uncheck at ‘Accept cookies for sites’

For more information, refer to the following page from Mozilla:



  • Click on 'Setting’ at the browser menu and select 'Settings'
  • Select ‘Quick Preferences’
  • To enable cookies: check “Enable Cookies”
  • To disable cookies: uncheck “Enable Cookies”

For more information on other cookie settings offered in Opera, refer to the following page from Opera Software:


Safari on OSX

  • Click on 'Safari' at the menu bar and select the 'Preferences' option
  • Click on 'Security'
  • To enable cookies: In the 'Accept cookies' section select 'Only from site you navigate to'
  • To disable cookies: In the ‘Accept cookies’ section select ‘Never’

For more information on other cookie settings offered in Safari, refer to the following page from Apple:


All other browsers

Please look for a “help” function in the browser or contact the browser provider

7. Electronic Marketing

By subscribing to our Website you agree to receive updates, promotions and any other information that we may consider useful for you, on your provided email address. You can unsubscribe at any time, without any constraint.

Because we want to offer an improved experience, live email notifications will be enabled in your account right after you create it. This means that whenever a dental clinic acknowledges your quote, replies with an answer or uploads a document, you will be notified via email.

If you decide to be removed from our database in our communications, you may request to unsubscribe at any time by accessing the “Edit account” section of your account or by contacting us at [email protected]


8. Your rights with respect to the personal information provided to us.

You may send us an email at [email protected] to request access to, correct or delete any personal information that you have provided to us. More specifically, you can request us to:

  • Confirm whether we are processing your personal data;
  • Provide information about the purposes of the processing;
  • Provide information about the categories of data being processed;
  • Provide information about the categories of recipients with whom the data may be shared;
  • Provide you with a copy of this data in intelligible form, unless this proves impossible or too difficult to obtain, or is legally protected; please mind that regarding the second category of data the Company only have it in the encrypted form, you can obtain a copy from the clinics you are entering in contact with. The information can obviously be copied directly by the user.
  • The Company can transmit a copy the personal information to a third party mentioned by the user in an email sent to the above-mentioned email address of the Company for support, only regarding the first and third category of personal information collected, and the clinics the user makes contact with using the Integrated Messenger can transmit a copy with the personal information they receive from the user to a third party mentioned by the user in an email sent to the email address of the clinics provided by the Integrated Messenger when the user first makes contact or afterwards.
  • Block, modify or erase your data. You can modify or erase the data from the first category. You can erase the whole data from a conversation with a clinic in the Integrated Messenger, but you cannot erase specific data in that conversation. You can upload and delete any file uploaded and you can modify a file and upload it again. Please mind that we cannot delete your personal information from the first category except by also deleting your user account. We cannot modify the data from any personal information category collected. The Company cannot delete specific personal information from the second category, but only the whole data uploaded by the user in a conversation made with a clinic using the Integrated Messenger, without having access to it. The clinics cannot modify or erase any data in the Integrated Messenger. You can block a clinic to the personal information from the Integrated Messenger by request done to the Company. The information from the third category can be erase by request to the Company and also to the clinic, if that information was received by any clinic, but cannot be modified. The user can block the transition of the data from the third category to the clinics by request done to the Company by email.
  • You can choose to be “forgotten” by erasing your account or by asking the Company to erase the account by email, which erases all the data.
  • You can oppose to any operation done with personal information before doing it by request to the Company or to a clinic the user made contact with, regarding second and third category, by email

The personal information received from the clinics in the Integrated Messenger can be erased for a specific clinic entirely as mentioned before or by unsubscribing, which erases the entire personal information with all the clinics.

You can delete your account or close a conversation in the Integrated Messenger with any clinic at any time. Any of the above makes your information unavailable to the dental clinics which you have previously contacted. The personal information cannot be erased or modified by the clinics the users makes contact with on the Website, but can be access, downloaded and stored by those clinics, as required by the law including the provisions to store medical information or for accountancy purposes. The clinics will inform the users of the operations done by the clinics with the personal information of the users by the Integrated Messenger or by email. Any requests by the user regarding operations on the personal information done by the clinics can be addressed only to the clinics using the Integrated Messenger or the email of those clinics, which remain personal responsible for any of the operations done with the personal information and to answer to your requests. Any requests regarding the operations in the Integrated Messenger addressed to the Company will be redirected to the clinic involved, except the ones referred to banning the access of that specific clinic to the conversation of the user or erasing the conversation, with all the files or texts, with that clinic.

You can also delete any medical attachment at any time, making it unavailable to the dental clinics. Any user of the website can re-download his/her attachments after the upload.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make such changes, we will post the changes and change the date at the top of the Policy. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes to this Privacy Policy.

10. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania and you irrevocably submit any litigation arising in connection with this Privacy Policy to the exclusive jurisdiction of Romanian courts.

11. Where and how to ask questions or file complaints

By providing personal information on this Website you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such information by the Company in such manner as set out in this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the sharing of such information with third parties in accordance with the terms described above.

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please send an email to the following address: [email protected]

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