Reviews Policy

By writing a relevant review on our website, you help other patients in taking the perfect decisions. We are sincerely grateful to you.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the clinic that has recently treated you and write a review
  2. You’ll be contacted via phone and email
  3. Approved reviews will be posted on the clinic’s page and will be added to its overall rating

Reviews guidelines

In order to see how the reviews get approved, please consult the required guidelines below.

  • Anyone submitting a review will be contacted by phone and email for the confirmation
  • Only patients who have previously contacted our dental partners through our website are invited to post a review. We will verify our records at every single review
  • You can only post a review for the dental clinic which has treated you
  • The review should be relevant and useful for other users. Please tell us what treatment you had, how it all went, whether you would recommend the dental clinic and even the costs involved in the procedures
  • The review, if negative, cannot be defamatory
  • No contact information of the clinic is allowed to be submitted in the review
  • No false reviews will be accepted


You can choose to post the review either by providing your name or anonymously.

Other information will be made publicly available, such as: your home country, the rating and the date of the review submission.

All the reviews and ratings from the website will be taken into consideration and will be fully respected. Patients have the full right to express their opinion on the website, regardless of its nature, but only by following the guidelines. We reserve the right to reject from publication the reviews that don’t follow the guidelines. is not responsible for any negative influence of the reviews upon the image of our partners.

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