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Welcome to the website of Dentrips SRL, a company incorporated under the laws of Romania, with its headquarters at 32, Primaverii Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Ap No 4, District 1, Bucharest, Romania, registered under Trade Registry number J40/17068/09.10.2017 having sole registration number 38324152 (the “Company”), and thank you for using our services (the “Services”).


  1. General Provisions
  • These Terms and Conditions (the ”Terms and Conditions” or the “T&C”) apply to all service requests made through the website dentaltourisminromania.com (the “Website”) or by email at [email protected]
  • By making a request for services whether through our Website or by email, you accept without any reserve all provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Similarly, by using our Services you fully agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  • All persons submitting a request for services with the Company (hereby referred to individually as the “User” and collectively as the “Users”) undertake to use the Website and all the websites of our partner companies solely for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  • In order to be able to submit a request for services with the Company, you must be at least 18 years old. Users under 18 shall be represented by their custodial parent or legal guardian. If the under-age in the country of the User is above 18 than that limit will be applied
  • The Company may decide at any moment to suspend, amend or terminate the electronic provision of the services, due to maintenance, update or improvement works on its Website or for any other reason.
  • The Company may terminate the provision of the services or your access on its Website, due to your failure to meet or your breach of these Terms and Conditions or for any other reasons it may deem appropriate.
  • The Company is not responsible for any viruses that its website may contain. The Users undertake to use the necessary equipment and programs to be protected from external attacks (viruses, different websites etc.).
  • The Company cannot be held accountable for programming errors or errors in translations into other languages.


  1. The Services
  • • The primary scope of activity of the Company is the offering of medical tourism facilitation services. To this end, we offer a service platform used as a marketplace for the Users and the dental providers (the “Dental Providers”). The Company also intermediates tourism services and also travel, translation, transportation and interpreting services, if case may be, which are provided by third party companies, along with transportation to and from Romania and accommodation services (“Services Providers”). The Company can provide directly, through its qualified staff, transportation services within Bucharest, Romania (Airport-Hotel-Dental Clinic-Transfer (the “Ancillary Services”, representing all services provided by the Company or Services Providers, other than the Website).
  • There is no contractual relationship between the Company and the User. The Company is not an agent of the Dental Providers or other Services Providers and acts exclusively as the intermediary between the respective Dental Providers and Services Providers and the User. The contractual relationship related to the medical treatment and/or services provided by the Service Providers is concluded between a specific Dental Provider/Services Provider and the User directly.
  • The Company does not refer the User or other patients to specific Dental Providers but only provides information about the Dental Providers based on the User’s needs. The User will not be allocated to any Dental Provider but will instead be provided with a list of Dental Providers (including the name, address, specialization, etc.) of which the User can choose one or more.
  • By contracting with a Dental and/or Services Provider, the User accepts and agrees to the relevant terms and conditions of the Dental and/or Services Providers (inter alia, the cancellation and refund policies of the Services Providers).
  • The Company does not provide medical services itself. The information provided on the Website including the information provided by the Dental Providers and other third parties cannot replace a medical consultation or a medical examination and shall not be used to independently decide whether to commence or terminate a medical treatment.


  1. Ancillary Services
  • The Company also provides Ancillary Services such as Airport-Hotel-Hospital-Transfer, booking of accommodation and flights, tours of Romania, translation and interpreting services. These services will be provided by qualified professionals employed by the Company or by the company’s partners. The price is listed at www. com/services
  • The transportation service can be canceled at any time, without a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee when a User wishes to cancel services provided by a third-party provider the terms and conditions of the third-party provider apply, as follows:
  • Tours of Romania: Each tour can be canceled at least 7 days in advance, with no cancellation fee. A 50% fee applies to the tours canceled within 3 and 6 days prior to the departure date. If the User cancels within 2 days or less before the scheduled date, a 100% cancellation fee is applied. In this last case the User will not recover any of his previous made payment.
  • Interpreting services: The user may cancel these services at up to 14 days before the scheduled date. If a delay in cancellation occurs, the down payment will not be refunded.
  • Booking of accommodation: The refund policy of the hotel/accommodation provider applies.
  • Booking of flights: The refund policy of the airline company applies. We mention that usually, the plane tickets are non-refundable.
    • The transportation service for all the airport-hotel-clinic routes, except those done by the Company directly, as well as bookings of accommodation and flights, require full payment in advance. The other services, such as tours of Romania or interpreter services may require only a down payment. An invoice for the pre-payment will be sent after you have decided on the additional services.


  1. Information provided by the User
  • The use of the Company’s Services requires the User to provide personal contact details in order for the Company, the Dental Providers or other Services Providers to be able to assist the User with his/her request for services. The User will have to (i) provide his or her full name and phone number, email address and country of residence; (ii) agree to these T&C and (iii) agree to the Company’s Privacy Policy - dentaltourisminromania.com/page/view/privacy-policy).
  • The User shall fill in a simple online form (quote request) with their personal details, stating the type of treatment they require, only to the Dental Provider(s). This is done by selecting the criteria for the Dental Provider(s) that shall be contacted with requests for services. The User must attach the medical documents and any other details about their dental own health only to the dental clinics, using the Integrated Messenger option of the Website, and cannot provide them directly to the Company. All Users should refer to our Privacy Policy (see dentaltourisminromania.com/page/view/privacy-policy) prior to subscribing and prior to uploading or otherwise sending any medical documents to the Dental Providers.
  • The Company may contact the User regarding the request for services, for which the Company offers customer support. The User agrees to be contacted by the Company in order to provide information on the status of the request for services.


  • It is of utmost importance that the User provides full and precise information to enable the Company and the Dental Providers to provide high quality tailored services. The absence of such complete and correct information may result in delays, less effective services, the impossibility to provide the requested service or even health risks for the User.


  1. User’s obligations
  • The Users should read and be informed of all the procedures applied by the Company as described in these Terms and Conditions and any policies and procedures provided to them,including the Privacy Policy.
  • The User shall be prepared and knowledgeable and make sure that he understands the information provided to him by the Company and the Dental Providers and by the service providers, the specificities of his/her treatment and what is expected from him/her.
  • The medical information and treatment information provided on the Website, in the Integrated Messenger, or by e-mail between the User and the Dental Providers, should not be relied upon as a medical consultation. The User is recommended to seek expert advice from his doctor in the country of origin before undertaking any medical treatment travel.
  • The Users are responsible for any specific documents that may be required for their journey such as valid passport, visa (for countries that are not included in the visa-free list) and travel insurance.


  1. No Liability
  • The Company does not provide medical advice. Your treatment is subject to a contract between you and the Dental Provider undertaking the treatment. The Company acts as an intermediate for the Services Providers, and the Uses will enter in a contract with that specific Services Provider he chooses, except the Services done directly by the Company regarding the transportation from the airport to the clinics and back to the airport.
  • Although the Company uses reasonable skill and care in choosing the Services Providers it will not verify their services, and cannot guarantee that, all information provided by them is accurate, complete or correct, nor can the Company be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and typographical errors), inaccurate, misleading or untrue information provided by the Dental Providers or Services Providers or non-delivery of information by the Dental Providers or Services Providers.
  • The Website does not constitute and should not be regarded as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, service level or qualification of any Dental Provider or Service Provider. The decision to place themselves in the care of a specific Dental Provider or Service Provider is the sole responsibility of the Users.
  • The Users are fully responsible for any and all payments due to the Dental and/or Services Providers whose services they may have accepted. The Company accepts no involvement whatsoever in disputes between the User and any of the Dental or Services Providers listed on this Website. It is the sole responsibility of the User to make sure he/she fully understands any services and costs being proposed to him/her by any Dental and/or Services Providers. Upon User’s specific request, we will provide by email anonymized reference prices for the travel services and sample anonymized policies or commercial terms applied by the Dental and Services Providers for their healthcare services and other above-mentioned services, to give any User an idea of the cost range for a procedure, treatment or price plan and the general terms and conditions applicable in such cases. The reference price and policies and/or commercial terms do not constitute the confirmed or guaranteed final ones for any service.
  • The Company shall not be held liable for the provision of medical services/treatment, or any other services provided by third parties including Dental or Services Providers. The Company shall not be held liable for loss or injury of any kind, for any malpractice claims and other claims that may arise directly or indirectly in connection with the medical services provided by the Dental Providers or any other services provided by the Services Providers.
  • The Company shall not be responsible in the event that the Dental Provider decides that the User is not in good health status to undergo the medical procedure.
  • The participants certify that they have medical insurance which will cover personal accidents, medical expenses, repatriation costs and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury or inconvenience occurring to the participant, or that in the absence of this medical insurance coverage, the participant agrees to pay all costs of rescue and/or medical services as may be incurred on the participant’s behalf.


  1. The validity of these T&C. Applicable law
    • These Terms and Conditions remain in full force until they have been amended or terminated by the Company. If the User does not consent to these Terms and Conditions, he or she will immediately cease the use of the Website and Services and will delete his/her account.
    • The Company reserves the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions at any moment. The amended/up-to-date Terms and Conditions shall be published on the Website. Such amendments/updates shall not apply to the requests for services made before the date of publication.
    • Should any provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, the User shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law.
    • If there is any inconsistency between the T&C and the additional terms valid for specific Services rendered by the Company, the additional terms and conditions will prevail.
    • These T&C and any additional terms for specific Services rendered by the Company, as well as any disputes arising out or in connection with these T&C shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Romania.


  1. Communications

Should you have any questions, complaints or remarks relating to these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at [email protected]


  1. Miscellaneous

All content of our Website is protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. The Company is the exclusive copyright holder of all the rights referring to the pages, content and the Website design. Any copy, modification, display, distribution, transmission, sale, publishing, merchandising, licensing, the creation of derivative works or the use of the content in whole or in part for any purpose without the prior written consent from the Company is strictly forbidden.



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